Quick To Build

The innovative patented technology used in the manufacture of our garden homes means that the structure can be erected in a matter of hours as opposed to days, or even weeks.

The average time it takes to erect the actual structure itself is just 1 day.  This is due to off-site manufacturing and the training and competence of our certified installers.  All our installers are trained and certified by us, in-house, guaranteeing that all our buildings are built to our exacting standards every time.


All Instant Spaces Luxury Garden Homes come with a high performance EPDM roof covering. EPDM roofing material is a dark grey slate colour.  An EPDM synthetic rubber flat roof looks natural and doesn’t easily show dirt.

One of the many advantages of an EPDM roof is that it does not support the growth of moss unlike traditional felt systems – so it stays clear and clean for many years.  In short, EPDM is the best product on the market for finishing the roof of your garden home.

The ultimate “warm deck” roof

Instant Spaces have designed and make the strongest, best insulated “Warm Deck” roofs available on the market.  No other garden home building company in the UK can demonstrate a roof that is stronger or more thermally insulated than an Instant Spaces Luxury Garden roof.  We do this by firstly interlocking our roof firrings to the seams of our ceiling panels to create a roof structure of extreme strength.

Then we glue wedge shaped CNC machined blocks of EPS insulation on top of the ceiling panels, between the interlocking roof firrings beams.  What this does is create a solid, air tight, thermally insulated composite structure on the top of your already extremely strong interlocked garden building.  The result is a structure of immense strength which is only possible by using the patented system that Instant Spaces are licensed to use in its manufacturing processes.